Our underage section caters for girls age U6 to U18.

U12-U18 train every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm (September to April).

U6-U10 train every Sunday morning (September to April).

For training times and match reports, check out our St. Mary’s Womens Facebook or  Twitter. #oneloaf #bringit

We will not be fielding a womens team for the 2019/2020 season.

  • Girls/Womens Honours
    St. Mary's RFC Club Honours List (Ladies)
    2018-2019Munster U14 Cup Rebecca Farrell
    2018-2019Munster U18 Bowl
    2017-2018Munster U13 Cup Rebecca Farrell
    2012-13Christina Liddy Tournament U18Chloe Pearse
    2012-13Munster U14 League
    2010-11Tipperary Shield U18 Rebecca O Shea
    2010-11Kerry Cup U18 Rebecca O Shea
    2010-11Christina Liddy Tournament U18 Claire O Shea